Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

To have a better understanding, feel free to browse through our FAQ’s or alternatively please connect with us and we will be happy to assist you.

Custom made clothing means you can design your outfit step by step. Select your desired fabrics, stylish options you prefer that suits your look and comfort. Get measured accordingly (guidance in taking self measurements available too). In this way you are involved in creating your attire. Our stylists are always there to guide you.

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Our company sources fabrics from mills all around the world.

Our suiting collections varies in quality, styles, designs (plain, bird eye, herring bone, modern classic) from English, Italian, Australian wools , cashmere-wool blends, super 120’s and 150’s, Merino’s ranging in prices to suit every budget.

Our shirtings collections come in variety of cottons from 100%, cotton blends light weight, wrinkle free, pre-shrunk from top mills worldwide (Egypt, Japan, and Italy).

We also have a vast collection of fabrics in plain twill, pinstripes, checks, self design, and dobby weaves where the quality of fabrics can be selected to match your comfort and needs.

You can call or drop us an email at We will assist you and arrange an appointment that suits your timing in your location.

It all starts by getting in touch with us and sending us your references of what type and style of garment you would like. Upon this first interaction, we will then ask you to submit us your measurements which you can easily do via our Measurements page. 

For more information about our process, please visit this page.

The total amount of time it takes from the moment you order your garments from us to your doorstep can take approximately 3-4 weeks.

It is very simple. You will need a measuring tape with either inches or centimeters unit. When submitting measurements to us, please specify the unit you used. We have 2 optional guidelines.

  1. Using our measurement forms. You may ask someone to help you take measurements following the outlined steps carefully.

  2.  Follow one of our suggested videos. The video does a great job at explaining all the key steps in the measurement-taking process. 

Yes, we get various orders from companies requesting us to produce uniforms such as t-shirts, caps, and jackets with designed embroidered logos of their firm.

We can also tailor professional clothes for  executives and staff in various institutions such as private firms and the hotel businesses/hospitality sector to ensure that their outlook is well presented.

We also design outfits for various purposes such as for musical bands, tuxedos, flashy outfits etc.

We have no limit of maximum/minimum orders.

Yes, we are able to provide this service to many at different locations worldwide, as we strongly believe in partnerships and collaborative growth. We can discuss various options, please feel free to connect with us.